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Longevity The Wardens of Time revised co
2019 Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist - YA Paranormal

Noah Thomas is a scrawny seventh grader who is bullied to the brink in his new town. Friendless, except for sassy tomboy Wendy Sherman, who seems to lend him the confidence he needs to stand up to his oppressors. Upon stumbling into a bookshop one afternoon while on the run from some teenaged tyrants, Noah is hurled into an unexplainable adventure. Noah learns that the bookshop does, in fact, lead to the Akashic Records – a place that holds all spirit lives recorded in tablets of light. With this new found knowledge, Noah begins to grow in wisdom and confidence to face his fears. His biggest challenge comes in the form of five demonic spirits that he accidentally lets loose from a lost tablet. Will Noah succeed with the help of his guardian angel cat he calls Keeper, or will all Hell's henchman prevail?

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“A spiritual thriller that skillfully celebrates determination and self-discipline.”

"…the book inspires even after the final page has been turned."

“The real draw of Longevity lies in its ability to combine an epic fantasy quest with the real-world story of a shy loner's growth process.”

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Caleb Smith, an author from Bangor, Maine, holds a passion for nature, spiritual study, reading, family, poetry, art, and golf. Honesty, simplicity, and a hard work ethic are the things that best shape his day.

Caleb is a member of the International Thriller Writers and Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance 

"I think it was in the summer of 2001 while painting a house on West Broadway in Bangor. In the sweltering heat, I worked with two high school buddies when he drove by in a classic convertible. He slowed down to admire our work. As we watched him cruise by, I told myself then that I wanted to tell stories like that guy........"   

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Longevity: The Awakening 

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